Juketone ‘Royal Blood’ H Guitar Amplifier Head Model 5F2a


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Royal Blood H offers not only the fine quality and styling of this range but adds versatility.

The head model has 5W of tube power (equivalent to 25W transistor power) and an 8ohm speaker output allows you to hook up to a speaker of your choice. Move more air around and release the full potential of this amp and its sound capability.

  • 36 x 20 x 23cm
  • Weighs 6kg 


5W ‘Class A’ all valve guitar amplifier Head Model

Boutique amplification for recording, practice and performance. Hugely affordable yet without compromise and no corners cut.

The Royal Blood range was developed not just to provide a high quality yet extremely cost effective amplifier but to pay homage to the might of the 50’s legendary Fender Princeton. The heart that beats is the 5f2a hand wired circ