Juketone Rival Son 15W Valve Amplifier



Move over the blues Jr….there’s a new kid on the block …….and it shoots from the hip.

To be clear, the Rival Son is not a Blues Jr clone, but it does have a handful of similarities, size, weight, power, looks, versatility, spring reverb etc.

Tweed covered as standard (as opposed to an expensive optional extra) the sturdy well-dressed cabinet houses a 15W all tube circuit powered by 2 x Ruby EL84’s and 2 x Ruby 12AX7 perfectly matched with a 12” Celestion Seventy 80 speaker. This is their most popular in fact, renowned for its sound to be detailed and crisply defined, with a tightly controlled low-end and punchy, aggressive upper mid-range. The top-end response is also subtly increased.

It is the amplifier for every occasion, neither too big nor too small, useful for practice and live shows alike and glides through all styles, from blues, (Peter Green sounding we’ve been told) to classic rock and everything in between with simple volume and tone controls.

The Rival Son also has a real spring reverb, but an extra dimension included that the aforementioned amplifier doesn’t, is a beautiful and dreamy Tremolo, with Speed and Intensity controls. There are also two inputs, one normal and the other bright.

It has to be said, coming in with a price point of £100 lower than the Blues Jr, if you are in the market for this kind of amp look no further.

Any why the green badge on the front of the amp? Simple…..to match the colour of your guitar playing buddy’s eyes. Envy is a terrible thing………

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Product Description

Power Output 15w all valve

Speaker 12″ Celestion seventy 80

Weight 14kg

Size 47.5cm x 41.5cm x Depth 26cm bottom, 22.5cm top

Spring Reverb


Chicken head knobs

Two Inputs, Volume, Tone, Speed, Intensity, Reverb

50’s style tweed cabinet with Ox Blood Cloth