Juketone ‘Royal Blood’ 10 Guitar Amplifier 5F2a


Classic 50’s tweed amp with 5W of all tube power. Tone  and style in any setting you choose. Perfect for jazz, blues, rock and roll this amplifier has the ability to sing or roar. This combo takes pedals in its stride and doesn’t lose tone at lower volumes.


  • 10″ Cab external measurement 37cm wide 37cm high 23cm deep


5W ‘Class A’ all valve guitar amplifier

Boutique amplification for recording, practice and performance. Hugely affordable yet without compromise and no corners cut.

The Royal Blood guitar amplifier range was developed not just to provide a high quality yet extremely cost effective amplifier but to pay homage to the might of the 50’s legendary Fender Princeton. The heart that beats is the 5f2a hand wired circuit in a sturdy and beautifully tweed covered cabinet complete with all necessary bling, feet and handle. Chicken head knobs control the classically simple volume and tone control on all models.

True to form this ‘Class A’ boutique guitar amplifier has 3 tubes, Ruby/Shuguang tube 12AX7,  6v6 output tube and 6Z4 rectifier valve, a rarity amongst amplifiers of this price and plays a large part in identifying a strong vintage tone.

The Royal Blood 10 guitar amplifier has no compromises. At the top of this range this amplifier boasts a 10” Celestion Ten 30 speaker allowing for broader tonality and a rich diverse soundscape. Perfect for recording, practice and performance this amp is happy in any situation and provides bags of vintage

Tone  and style in any setting you choose. Perfect for jazz, blues, rock and roll this amplifier has the ability to sing or roar. This combo takes pedals in its stride and doesn’t lose tone at lower volumes.

For those in the market for the ‘real thing’ the Royal Blood 10 guitar amplifier offers a solution at its purest for a price well below its competitors.

19 reviews for Juketone ‘Royal Blood’ 10 Guitar Amplifier 5F2a

  1. John T

    I hadn’t heard of Juketone but when I read the spec and saw the super low price for a hand wired tweed amp I thought it was worth trying. I am so glad I did. The Royal Blood 10 is everything it claims to be, you could spend double for an amp of this build, quality and of course…tone.

    Hesitant because you haven’t heard the brand name before? Don’t be, they are SUPERB!

  2. James Grunwell

    This is my new favourite amp, thanks Juketone!. I bought it specifically for recording my archtop, an antique Hopf with a single humbucker, because I wanted an authentically vintage sound but it works for all my electric guitars. I have a Stratocaster and a Telecaster and I now record all three using the Juketone instead of my Laney LC30. I was apprehensive about the lack of EQ but the tone control covers all bases tastefully without sounding muddy at the bottom or harsh at the top and the reaction from the valve when you dig in a little gives just the right amount of drive for the sound I’m after. I’ll post some links to recordings I’ve done as soon as they’re finished so you can hear what I mean. I’ve also gigged with it a couple of times now and whilst it wouldn’t be big enough for a gig where you run the rhythm section off just back line, it’s great mic’d up just with an SM57 slightly off centre. When I contacted Juketone to ask about the amp I dealt with a guy who was really helpful and knew his stuff so thanks to him too for helping me make the right decision! Links to follow at some point guys, keep up the good work!

  3. Nick Martin

    My friend had one of these and I tried it slightly sceptical that I had not heard of Juketone before. It was so good I bought one. I do alot of recording wtih both a tele and a strat and I simply don’t use anything else now, the Royal Blood 10 has everything I need, strange as it is so simple.

  4. Davey

    Saw the review on the RB10 in Total Guitar magazine recently. It gave a glowing review and was not wrong. My 60’s Strat sings like a bird through it. Lovely piece of kit. Looking forward to what’s next from Juketone!

  5. valve amp junky

    Was a bit skeptical that a hand wired tweed Princeton clone could be bought for this price. However I have to say this little beauty has surpassed my expectations.

    The amp is well packed and very well finished, also the chassis has some extra retaining screws at the side. The screws for the back board fix into the chassis as well which helps prevent rattle and buzz that is common with his this types of cab design. Sturdy!

    Sound – the speaker was great, tight bass clean high’s and loud, for me very gig-able at small bars, too loud for me at full throttle in a living room, but I am very careful with my ears these days. The sound at 12, think Hendrix full on and you are pretty close. A really great controllable valve distortion with that valve rectifier compression that I love. I’m more of a jazz/blues guy (archtop) and on about 6 you can get a sweet full tone with loads of clarity and sustain. The tone control allows you to dial in a bit more variety than a Champ style amp but it’s pretty close to that kind of sound. Very touch sensitive.

    I had a Jenson P10r Alnico which I have now put in. I prefer the warmth of these but for a more blues/rock tone the Eminence is probably better and had more bass. I have four valve amps including a 57 Tweed Deluxe 5E3 clone. This amp holds its own at half or even less the price of a similar amp from a boutique maker, great sound, great value.

    Cons – was a bit worried about the Chinese rectifier but checking around, the are available from Juketone.

  6. Steven warren

    I was looking for a new valve amp and was deciding between the usual suspects and then came across juketone, I was really surprised by the sound of the amp from some reviews I had seen on you tube. The design is also really cool.
    It’s a really well built amp very with simple functions just on off switch, volume and tone all you need to get great tone. After using for a few hours it’s safe to say I’ll have this amp for years to come. Just I case anyone wondered I’m using a 70’s Es 335 with bare knuckle stormy Monday pickups direct into the amp with no pedals.

  7. Charles T

    Upon hearing about the new custom tweed reissues from Fender, I was gassing for something lightweight and simple that I could easily carry on and off public transport going to and from gigs and rehearsals in London. At £1035, (~$1760 AUD) the Fender offering had me sighing heavily. I love good sounding equipment, but no way could I justify spending that much on fairly limited amplifier. My woes were solved upon opening the December 2016 issue of Guitarist magazine to find a fairly generous review of the ‘True Blood’ offering from Juketone (a tweed champ clone). After doing some research and listening to the few available demos online of Juketone amps, I took a punt on the ‘Royal Blood’ (a 5f2a / Tweed Princeton clone with a 10” Celestion). At £305 delivered, I felt it was too good to be true – how wrong I was! I am thoroughly enjoying this little beast.


    The tweed covering feels very nice and seems to be of high quality material

    Noise floor is very low even with the volume at maximum

    Good amount of volume on tap for a 5w amp into a single 30w, 10” speaker. (ie cranked is well over what most people would consider ‘bedroom level’)

    Tone control is very useable throughout the range – I keep it around 4 for single coils and would have it closer to 10 for humbuckers.

    Corner protectors adequately perform the task of protecting and maintaining the cabinet.

    Handle seems to be made of a strong composite leather – not the shitty rubber fender handles that comes stock on Fender Hot Rod’s and Bassmans.

    Weight: ~10kg

    Dimensions: 37cm wide x 37.5cm tall (not including feet and handle) x 23.5cm deep

    Price: £305 delivered (~$370 USD)

    Worth noting: The Fender custom tweed champ is £1035, and the Victoria 518 is £1410.

    Speaker is a Celestion Tube 10 – nice papery sound to match the 50s tweed tone but stays firm when pushed. Seems very nicely matched to the amp. The lows are very very satisfying with the amp – not boomy and not thin either.

    The missus even said “wow, it’s such an ‘organic’ sound!” – An ironic choice of words that could only hold value coming from a non musician such as herself.

    In many ways the build quality is better than my ‘59 Bassman LTD, this before even considering that the Royal Blood is handwired PTP. Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the tone and build quality of this amp at this price point. As a point of reference, my main amp is a 100w Marshall super lead (reissue, non-HW) and a Fender ’59 Bassman LTD. Previously a DRRI as well.

  8. Bob Harper

    Just taken delivery of a Royal Blood 10. Read all of the reviews before buying and and now confirm I can’t fault any of them. Plugged in and the quietness and tone available with just amp controls alone are excellent. With pedal board added there is no extra noise. Both the amp and Celestion speaker perform beyond any of my expectations. Playing a Taylor T5z with reverb and delay, and the tone, clarity and overall sounds are great on all pickup settings and tone / volumes. Easily as good as my other hand wired combo, which cost double! At the price this is clearly value for money, plus for the sound and performance I am delighted with this purchase!

  9. richard

    not bad at all, a good little amp for the price.

  10. Hutch

    The Juketone Royal Blood 10 is a great little amp – and the great little price makes it unbeatable.

    It sounds just the way that tweed amps used to sound, back in the sixties. Believe me – I was there.

    John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

    ex-Bowie guitarist 1966 – 1973

  11. Martin Gibney

    I’m now a bedroom guitarist in my retirement who spends his time either playing golf or making music, and it’s not a bad life. I bought the RB 10 to try out the old tweed sound and I’m not disappointed, it is very clear and is also very loud, although you still get lovely tones at mac2. It takes pedals very well. I also have a Fender Blues Junior and a Laney Cub 10 and the RB 10 adds another dimension to the sounds and tones that you can get. Very pleased with the amp Al.

  12. Kyle

    I have had the “Juketone Royal Blood 10” now for the last two weeks and I’ve used it in rehearsals, live gigs and in the studio. It has worked for every situation and blown me away. With it only being 5w it sure is powerful delivering clean and slightly overdriven tones once cranked to its limit perfectly. Only having 2 controls, volume and tone it can offer such a diverse variation of tones. Allows for a nice simple quick set up at gigs and works great when using a pedalboard or individual pedals.

    If your looking for a hand wired valve amp with a great tone that is versatile and easy to carry around on public transport or to and from the car, then this amp is perfect at such a great price. Go check them out and all there ranges of fully loaded amps and empty cabs.

    Im proud to be part of the Juketone family and can’t wait to get out gigging and recording with the amp.

  13. anon

    Awesome Amps!

  14. John Powles

    Recently got my hands on a Juketone Royal Blood 10. Wow, what a product. Leo would be proud! This amp produces a very rich sound and is capable of giving out a tremendous variety of voices, particularly so if you have the opportunity to use single coils, humbuckers, P90’s or coil tapped pickups. I never had the luxury of using any of those legendary small amps that the most renowned of players used back in the day, but from what I am hearing coming out of my Juketone, they were spot on when they had the nerve to choose to employ gear other than those ear shattering stacks that move air on the same scale as a Jumbo Jet. In reviews of the Juketones that I have read there are questions being asked about timbers and corners. In my humble opinion an amps qualities are best judged with ears, however, with close inspection the cabinet that my ’10’ lives in most definitely looks like plywood and it’s weight would indicate that corners are not being cut in that department, and, excuse the pun, but those shiny corners, as far as I’m concerned are better to look at than the worn and often thread bare corners of other modern tweed coverings, and guess what, they sound the same!! There are several outfits offering similar low wattage small speakered clones out there at the moment so if you are befuddled by multi knobbed modelling amps that can be digitally tweaked to sound like anything ever built since time began, just try listening, really listening, to how wonderful the most simple combination of amplification components can sound. It is likely to make you rethink your gear.
    PS. Beware, this amp is very loud!!

  15. Kevin

    Just taken delivery of the Royal Blood 10 combo after reading great reviews online, wow, for the money I was pleasantly surprised. Great build quality and what a tone, its what its all about. Great with my Strat and Les Paul, Great price too.
    Fully recommend this little monster.

  16. John Lampkowski

    Absolutely fantastic sounding.
    I actually use it for amplifying acoustic guitars equipped with magnetic pickups, like Lightning Hopkins and Elmore James did.
    Sounds perfect for this with no additional eq or pedals. It does however work very well with the pedals I’ve tried.
    No noise whatsoever and even sounds good at low volume.
    I have used similar more expensive amps but prefer the Juketone to them all.
    Excellent tone, excellent amp.
    Also Alistair of Juketone could not have been more helpful.

  17. Dylan

    Really nice sounding amp, excellent build quality and value for money. Thanks

  18. Michae Harris

    Lovely warm sounding amp and perfect volume for my home use.

  19. Kacper Kuraś

    I’ve recently started using this amp for blues harmonica. It’s perfect – not too big, not too small, 5W of power is an optimal choice for harmonica players to get that “crispiness”. I didn’t change anything in it – tubes nor the speaker – it is good as it is. Very low noise level is what I love, I’m using this amp for home practicing (at volumes 2-3), at the gigs I can play at lvls 5-6 and use additional mic& go through PA if needed. The feedback is very problematic for harmonica players, but with this amp it’s not a problem. Great for medium room gigs, not very heavy, I feel it will serve me loooong time.

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